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Sheamus Superstar Set

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This listing is for a set of Virtual cards that is available online for free, which you may download and print at your convenience. For a fee, we provide a service to have your card set professionally printed. The cost is for the provided service and not the price of the card.

Due to printing and order constraints, please allow approximately up to 2 weeks for your order to be submitted to our printer, returned to us and then shipped to you (longer for our international customers). If your order is a mix of Comic Images product and Virtual product, your entire order will be shipped together once the Virtual product have been received by us.

Can't find the Virtual card you want on our site? Just use the Contact Us form found on this site and list each card you are looking for. We'll get back to you soon with information on your list.

This complete set only includes the following cards (No substitutions):

Sheamus Superstar Card

Cause I'll End It All

Irish Cloverleaf

It's a Shame That They Lost Their Heads

King Sheamus

Oi! Listen Here, Fella!

Sheamus's Flying Shoulderblock

The Brogue Kick

The Celtic Warrior

The Great White

The High Cross

The Irish Curse

The Irish Hammer

The League of Nations

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