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Backstage Autograph Session - Chris Jericho

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Backstage Autograph Session

Can only be revealed from your Backstage area when you reveal your Superstar card.

Each player's Starting Hand Size is +1.

At the end of the Pre-match phase, each player may put 1 card from their Ringside on the bottom of their Arsenal.


NOTE: These cards were exclusive to RAW Deal Managers who were able to order these as prize support for various Tournaments. The cards themselves were available as prize support and distributed for free, but the signature was obtained directly from the talent for a fee. Cards were printed on either 8 or 12 point stock, or even on just regular color paper and then applied to a RAW Deal card. Some have a backing, some do not (varies by Superstar). Each Backstage Autograph Session card is hand-signed by the talent themselves.

This card is signed by Chris Jericho. Only 3 have ever been signed!

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